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Mission Statement

Rica Promotions & Courier Services is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, to be a great place to work, and a thoughtful steward in our community. At Rica Promotions & Courier Services we drive growth and customer satisfaction with our World-Class transportation services. We will passionately promote ethics and professionalism within our industry while enhancing our own competitive advantage.

Vision Statement

Being a leader in the multi-modal transportation industry by focusing on customers, our people, innovation and communication in logistical transportation solutions.

Rica Promotions & Courier Services – One of the Leading Freight Companies

Transporting goods is a technical and complicated process, especially when the goods are heavy or large. You need to find freight transport companies with the right levels of experience and the dedication to get the job done, no matter how difficult it may be. At Rica Promotions & Courier Services , we do what many other freight transport companies cannot, which is bring you quality service at unbeatable prices.

At Rica Promotions & Courier Services , our President and CEO, Frank Anderson, like all our staff and employees, has a strong dedication and commitment to providing quality service. Rica Promotions & Courier Services has been providing people with cost-effective courier solutions since 2001. From the smallest family-run business to the top fortune 100 companies, the Rica Promotions & Courier Services team knows that every customer is important and deserves the very best service. No matter the size or destination, your goods are in the best hands with us. If you would like to learn more about us and our freight rates, call us at +27218136011 or request a freight quote online.

Why You Should Choose Us Over Other Freight Companies

Our Mission at Rica Promotions & Courier Services is to commit ourselves to being a leading freight transport and logistics company. With customer service like no other and a dedication to quality service, we will rise above other transport companies. Our Vision is to be leaders in the field of multi-modal transport and to be our customers’ number one stop for all of their transportation needs. Putting your business into the hands of freight transport companies can seem daunting and risky. But with Rica Promotions & Courier Services , you know that your goods are being handled by the very best. We teach all of our customer service employees the importance of professionalism and hard work, and this attitude carriers through to our network partners with which we work ensuring the best for each of our customers.

Comparing & Selecting Freight Companies

When considering the best freight transport companies to choose from, there are certain parameters that you should keep in mind. By considering these specifics, you can see that Rica Promotions & Courier Services is one of the best freight companies in the business.

  • Fleet Size: Many freight transport companies will claim a much larger fleet than they really have. This can be disappointing to customers who have urgent needs and are required to wait for a free truck. At Rica Promotions & Courier Services , we have the widest fleet of carrier partners available. Therefore, it is likely that we can quickly meet your needs regardless of what they may be.
  • Equipment: Most heavy deliveries require the use of complicated or specialized equipment in order to prevent damage while loading and unloading and during transit. Some freight transport companies simply cannot deliver when it comes to special needs. Rica Promotions & Courier Services has access to state-of-the-art equipment that can handle almost anything, including special deliveries.
  • Customer Service: Dedication to clients is one of the most important qualities to look for in freight transport companies. A company that understands your needs and your urgency, while respecting your business is exactly what you need. Rica Promotions & Courier Services brings you just that and more. With our convenient shipment tracker, you can find out where your freight is at any time.
  • Delivery Time: In business, time is money. If you need to get your goods to your clients on time, you need freight transport companies that do not take your time for granted. Rica Promotions & Courier Services can have your good delivered on time, every time, so your business is never hit with delays.
  • Cost: Good services at reasonable prices are hard to find in freight transport companies. However, at Rica Promotions & Courier Services , we aim to provide all of our services at rates that are as cost-effective as possible.

Choose Rica Promotions & Courier Services for Your Freight Transportation Needs

Rica Promotions & Courier Services has a strict sense of responsibility and a dedication to our customers. We understand the needs of your business, big or small, and know that time is money. With our dedicated staff and our vast fleet of carriers, your goods will be transported with care.

To learn more about our services, call us today at +27218136011

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